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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is Hoping to Revolutionize the Series

(Originally published on Gamer Professionals)

The new Call of Duty coming out later this year, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, has been in the eyes of the public for a while now. There have been multiple rumors, leaks, and just this week, a new teaser for it was revealed. Today Infinity Ward, the developers for the game, uploaded a new video on YouTube talking about what the series means to them and how they hope to push it forward with the new game.

Infinity Ward’s last game made for the series was Call of Duty: Ghosts. Most fans of the series say it was a disappointment compared to Infinity Ward’s past entries in the series. Now that they’ve had time to learn from their mistakes, Infinity Ward is comparing this year’s game to the fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made in 2007. Needless to say, Infinity Ward is setting expectations high. We’ll just have to see if this is a lie to make people hyped for the game or honest excitement for their creation.

In other Call of Duty news, fan-favorite Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is said to be getting a remastered version for next-gen consoles and PCs with some editions of Infinite Warfare.

As of now, Infinite Warfare is setting up to be one of the biggest entries in the series in recent years. Let’s just hope Infinity Ward can deliver on their hopes.



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