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Stardew Valley News: Multiplayer and Console Ports

(Originally published on Gamer Professionals)

The popular indie game, Stardew Valley, was made by one man known as Eric Barone and has now sold over one million copies of his farming/life simulator. Now, in recent Stardew Valley news, Barone has announced multiplayer and console ports along with more content for the game. Barone plans to continue to work by himself on design and content for the game, while having the publisher, Chucklefish, handle the technicality of the multiplayer and console ports. Sadly, Barone did not mention the dates these additions would be coming on or the consoles the game would be arriving on.

Barone also mentioned a moderate content update for version 1.1. The update will include more late game activities, combat, mining improvements, and the ability to move already built buildings.

Marriage has always been a popular topic for games like Stardew Valley. People have been wanting more options on who to marry, more reasons on why to marry certain other people, and more content to do with your spouse. Barone is once again planning on delivering this wanted content to players.

Farming will receive new things too. New buildings, crops, and advanced mechanics have been planned. There will also be bug fixes and fun secrets added around the world.